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Rani has done an amazing job setting up the ceramic studio. It is a wonderful place to be, it's bright and airy and very spacious with really good energy. The classes are run by really enthusiastic and knowledgeable tutors and everyone is so lovely, it's a pleasure to be there. I have signed myself up for the 'intensive throwing' class because I just can't get enough of it!
I am not a naturally creative person, but find that when I am making something, either hand building or throwing on the wheel, I am totally lost in the moment and find it very therapeutic. The location is wonderful, with a drive through the apple orchards to then enter a beautiful building with all the latest equipment and tools. There is always a friendly welcome and it's a lovely social activity. I have learnt so much from Rani's classes and continue to learn and progress as the weeks go by. I would highly recommend these classes to anyone either looking to learn something new, or for those already experienced in ceramics and want to take it to the next level.
I think the ceramic studio is absolutely superb.
Debbie Williams

The ceramic studio is absolutely five star. We have the most inspiring and gifted tutor I have ever had, a delightful technician to assist, an incredibly well equipped studio in beautiful surroundings. My pottery day is the oasis of peace in my week.
Nicky Bagge

The ceramic studio is a lovely bright and relaxing space. The studio is brilliantly equipped and along with fantastic tutors provides an atmosphere of creativity for beginner & experienced potters alike. My days spent at Rani' s studio are the highlight of my week !!
Steph Ritchie

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