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helen-rondellHelen Rondell

Helen graduated from Staffordshire University in 1995 with a BA (Hons) in Ceramics. She sells her work through outlets all over the UK as well as at ceramic, craft and trade fairs. 
Helen specialises in Raku firing and her work is held in private collections in the USA, Canada, China and across Europe.

ericaErica Fransson

Erica completed a ceramics degree in Sweden in her twenties, before moving to London to embark on a BA at University of the Arts.   After a few years of working as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, her love for clay brought her back to ceramics. She is fascinated by lights and reflections and works with experimental techniques such as Pit Firing, Barrel Firing and Raku. She sells her work online and in Greenwich Market, London.



Sam Walker

Sam discovered a passion for art when she was a teenager.  She excelled in her Art A Level, but her love for animals, at first, led her to work with horses.  Through a chance encounter she was introduced to pottery and began lessons.
Sam quickly developed her talent and began working on and selling her own hand built ceramic work.  She is particularly fond of  making bottles and surface pattern design.

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